Workshops at 3Sixty Dance and Fitness

Workshops at 3Sixty


Back-To-School Chair Dance Workshop

Back-to-School Chair Dance with Caidence

Want to expand your dance and fitness resume? Add to your already glowing credentials by learning a new apparatus - the chair! This workshop will cover transitions to and from the floor, plus a few chair-specific tricks to really let your confidence shine. On top of that, learn a fun and sexy routine that's guaranteed to turn heads! You'll be getting an A+ in splits, hair flips, and sultry glances before you know it.

All levels welcome. Long socks or knee pads are highly recommended, and heels are optional.

Single Day Friday | August 24th | 6:00-8:00pm
Pricing $40 | 6 and 12 Month Members | 15% Off

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Intro to Aerial Silks - 1

This 6-week introductory silks series is designed to help you learn the foundations of working with aerial fabric. No experience necessary! Classes will focus on climbs, locks, wraps and other skills to build confidence, strength, and flexibility. Cool down will include aspects of aerial yoga utilizing the silks.

Once you have completed the prerequisite introductory silks series 1 and 2, and are confident in the basic skills required to manipulate the aerial fabrics, come join us in Silks Jam. This class is included in your membership or with your drop-in pass, provided the prerequisite series have been completed. Combine moves together and continue building your repertoire as the instructor introduces new moves.

Summer Session Thursdays | Jun 28th to Aug 2th | 8:30-9:45pm
Pricing Non-Members | $120 | Member Discount | 40% Off

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Beginner Sexy Pole

Come get an amazing workout and discover your confident sexy side! This 4-week series teaches you to move with fluidity, ease, and assertiveness while building a full-length routine. Learn how to exaggerate each and every movement that your body makes by focusing on transitions and floor work. Variations on spins and simple tricks will help you personalize your dance routine. You will also increase your overall strength with a challenging but fun warm up. Please wear leg warmers/thigh highs/knee pads as needed. Heels are encouraged!

Once this 4-week series has been completed, an advanced sexy class is available and included in membership packages!

Summer Session Mondays | Jul 9th to Jul 30th | 8:30 - 9:30pm
Pricing Non-Members | $99 | Member Discount | 40% Off

*Discount: Active members receive a 40% off automatically once added to your cart!