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Student Showcase

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2018 Fall Showcase: Black Magic

The Dark Arts are coming to cast a spell on 3Sixty.

Will you succumb to their call and show your darkness within or will the light shine through? Join us and be enchanted by our wicked ways.


Dance Troupes

Dance Troupe A Fridays | Sept 21th to Oct 12th | 8:30-9:30pm
Dance Troupe B Saturdays | Sept 22nd to Oct 13th | 2:00-3:00pm
Pricing Members Only | $75
Join a 3Sixty Dance Troupe! Dreaming of performing but can't quite work up the nerve? Not ready to tackle music, choreography or just getting onstage all alone? We're doing all the prep for you, no stress required. Just attend this 4 week series where we will build a group routine ending with a big performance at our 3Sixty showcase! All levels of current 3Sixty members welcome!

Fall 2018 Troupe A - Haunted - Fridays 8:30 pm
Have you kept your evil cloaked within? Ready to show what The Darkness can do? Raise the dead and bring the audience to life with this slow and seductive routine. Song: Evanescence - Haunted

Fall 2018 Troupe B - Black Magic - Saturdays 2:00 pm
Want to bewitch that crowd with the swing of your hips and all those hair flips? Cast your spell on the audience through sexy teasing with this fun and flirty routine. Song: Little Mix - Black Magic

**Participants must commit to performing at the 3Sixty showcase October 19, 2018**

Performer Registration

One Day Friday | October 19th | 7:30-10:00 pm
Pricing Members Only | $30
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Performer Notes:
- Performers should select music, prepare a routine and costume to reflect their chosen theme.
- Music, bio, and description of theme to be submitted by September 19, 2018.
- Registered performers have access to a weekly rehearsal time for the 4 weeks prior to Showcase, with an instructor present for comments
- Registered performers are provided 1 complimentary Showcase entrance to watch the show outside their performance slot
- - Dress rehearsal the night of, prior to doors opening.
- Photo & Video available at additional cost.

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