Reopening Plan

Our initial phase of reopening will be an adjustment period for all. We understand that medical and financial constraints may not allow all students to return to in-studio programs during our initial phase of reopening, and we are working hard to bring the community a solution for every situation and budget. We look forward to seeing each student again, whether via in-studio or online programs. Please note that any portion of this plan is subject to change.

Please note that all students will be required to review and agree to new waivers and studio policies and procedures upon returning to the studio. Staff will be available to communicate changes during registration process and in-studio. Provided below are the changes, in brief. Students who intentionally ignore policies, procedures or staff instruction may be asked to leave without compensation.

COVID-19 Policies & Procedures

What has changed?

  • • All Memberships upon reopening are offered with blended in-studio and virtual programming options. This will allow a simple transition if a second wave brings us back to lockdown, and provide more options to our members as we face in-studio capacity restrictions and members who are not ready to rejoin us in-studio.
  • • In-Studio class allotment will be restricted. Unlimited Memberships will not be reinstated at this time.
  • • Training and Certifications: ALL returning instructors will have completed certified training on handwashing, infection prevention and disease transmission and PPE use, as well as 3Sixty’s new COVID-19 policies, procedures, updated curriculum, training and teaching methods.
  • • Classes by reservation only, no public walk-ins permitted.
  • • All students and staff will be requested to self-screen for illness prior to entering the studio. Those with symptoms should not visit the studio. Any student arriving for class with symptoms will be sent home without compensation and incur a No Show fee.
  • • 2 m social distancing is to be maintained at all times, using visual cues, signage, and verbal direction. Larger classes will be run in 2 cohorts, with each cohort separated by a minimum of 2 m.
  • • Designated workout spaces and equipment will be assigned for students. Shoes will be stored individually at the entry and ALL other personal belongings must be stored within your designated workout space. We suggest bringing minimal items into the studio with you.
  • • Bring Your Own Gear! No shared equipment which cannot be cleaned and disinfected between use. Students may bring their own yoga mat, and other gear. 3Sixty will provide aerial apparatuses and their cleaning/disinfecting supplies only.
  • • Changerooms will not be available at this time. Please arrive in class attire to limit the use of the washroom to those who need to use the washroom facilities.
  • • Washroom is available, as a single user facility, with frequent cleaning.
  • • No lounging or seating areas within the studio space. Students should arrive on time and wait in the hallway as per distancing markers. Instructors will escort students directly into class. Late arrivals will not be permitted.
  • • In-Studio class sizes will be limited to facilitate social distancing. Pink Studio: 8 students for Pole Classes, 4/5 students for Aerial. Blue Studio: Private/Semi-Private lessons or Virtual Classes only.
  • • In-Studio class schedule will be limited due to requirements for cleaning, staggered entry/exit and social distancing. Non-apparatus classes (Fitness Classes) will continue to be offered only as Virtual Classes.
  • • Class length will vary! To reflect that clients will be attending fewer classes each week, and to maximize the training gained from each class while COVID-19 Policies and Procedures are in place, we will be extending class times with 2 cohorts from 60 to 75 minutes temporarily.
  • • No hands-on spotting. Safety is our top priority and you will see the updated curriculum and training/teaching methods reflect this.
  • • Mask Policy: Employees and students in public areas, not in their designated workout space, are required to wear masks as per the Ottawa Public Health directive. In MASK-Optional classes, students are able to remove their mask within their designated workout space, for exercise and to drink water, if they desire. In MASK-Happy classes, students are to respect the requirement for masks to be worn at all times. Students who do not wish to wear a mask during their exercise, should not sign up for classes specifically designated for those who feel safest when they, and those around them, remain fully masked.
  • • Late Cancel / No Show Fees: Members previously enjoying Unlimited Memberships should be aware that a Late Cancel / No Show still uses one of your in-studio class allotments. Our previous Late Cancel / No Show policy is still in place. Students should recognize their responsibility to manage some risk as well. If you sign up, you recognize you may need to cancel, therefore should cancel in time.
  • • Open studio times, private and semi-private lessons and studio rentals will be available. These are offered as an alternative/supplement to in-studio classes during our initial reopening.
  • • Aerial fabrics will be stored outside the studio rooms and be given double the recommended rest time between use. Aerial fabrics will continue to be washed regularly. Members wishing to purchase/rent their own individual fabric can email 3Sixty for assistance.

Reopening FAQ's

Why are we requiring/not requiring masks?
  • 3Sixty recognizes masks are a highly valuable tool in limiting the spread of viruses, and we also recognize that certain individuals either CANNOT wear a mask, or CANNOT be around others unless everyone wears a mask. Fitness activity while wearing a mask will be a new experience for everyone. Due to this, we will be offering both classes where masks are required AND where removing your mask while at your apparatus is accepted. Clients should sign up for the class which reflects their needs. Our schedule will adjust to offer clients enough classes for those needs.
Why are we limiting the number of classes you can attend?
  • This is a measure we must implement for reopening. For more than one reason! For your health and safety, our community needs a GRADUAL return to sport after a long period of reduced training. Also due to physical distancing requirements, we have less class spots to go around. That means we need to share. This may be difficult at first, but we’ve analysed all of your attendance patterns like crazy! With in-studio and virtual programming, we feel most students will be able to return to a frequency of training similar to that attended previously. As reopening expands, hopefully we will increase classes/spots available, and subsequently increase monthly class allotments.
Why are we implementing a GRADUAL and CONDITIONING-based return to sport?
  • We hear you, we are all EXCITED to get back into the studio!! However, there is no denying that there has been a prolonged period of downtime, significant change in workout routine, and a change in most bodies during the pandemic. Sports science research clearly indicates that in order to minimize injury, we need a gradual return to sport after a prolonged period of reduction in training. You may want to throw yourself back into classes mentally, but we need to consider changes in muscle and tissue strength and body composition. An accelerated return to training would put you at risk, while a conditioning-based approach puts your health and safety first. That is always our priority.
What is a CONDITIONING-based return to sport?
  • In short, nobody is diving into any new and crazy skills until previously attained strength, flexibility and progressions are relearned. Due to public health restrictions, spotting will not be offered, so that means your body needs to be even more prepared for each skill. Have you tried our Virtual classes? If so, you may have noticed our Pandemic-Prep has been underway since lockdown. Warm-up and conditioning portions of class are longer, with more focus on conditioning the muscle and tissue, and training mobility and active flexibility into those body areas which are most prone to quickly weakening/tightening. Our Class Curriculum has been completely updated, to bring new variations to lower levels, and a deeper focus on progressions for each and every skill. Every student who was unable to maintain their previous level of fitness (this is upwards of 75%!) is encouraged to attend class of levels LOWER than before lockdown, where you will find new material to challenge you as everyone reintroduces training levels on an individual basis.
Why are we not permitting spotting?
  • As per the Provincial Regulation, physical distancing “must be maintained from every other person at all times during the activity”. While sector-specific guidance recognizes that some sport/fitness activity may come within 2 m of physical distancing, it is VERY clearly noted that non-medical masks do not constitute PPE and our duty is to the safety of our employees. We are unable, and do not feel it is appropriate, to invest in medical-grade PPE which should be prioritized for medical settings. At 3Sixty we strongly focus on appropriate progressions for each skill in order to minimize reliance on spotting – and you will see MORE of this upon reopening.
Why are class start times moved?
  • Class scheduling is extremely limited due to requirements for cleaning, staggered entry/exit and social distancing. Each physical studio room will have different start times, so each class can enter/exit separately to avoid crowding. Each class requires empty time in-between for cleaning and students to enter/exit with social-distancing.
What do you mean Bring Your Own Gear?
  • As we initially reopen during Ontario’s Provincial Stage 3, we cannot provide shared equipment which cannot be cleaned and disinfected between use. This means we cannot provide porous (non-hard surface) equipment. Yoga mats, yoga blocks, foam rollers, stretch straps, etc. have all been removed from the studio. Students may bring their own yoga mat to class if they wish.
What is the New 3Sixty Database?
  • Are you ready for 3Sixty’s NEW Virtual Database, loaded with content to be accessed at any time?! We have been hard at work implementing a comprehensive Virtual Class Programme, which will allow our studio to transition smoothly through multiple waves of the pandemic. 3Sixty’s Virtual Database is the next addition beyond our Virtual Live Classes.
  • Use 3Sixty’s pre-recorded content to have instructional videos at home, or during Open/Rental time slots. Hundreds of videos available starting August 1, and more being added each month! Individual instructional videos to guide your own training, and full length classes to follow along with an instructor. Current courses include: Warm-Ups for various levels, Beginner Pole, Intermediate Pole, Pre-Advanced Pole, Be Bendy, Exotic Conditioning, Exotic Pole and more!
Does the 3Sixty Database include recorded Virtual LIVE Classes?
  • Yes! We provide some portions, of many classes, but not comprehensively. Virtual LIVE classes continue to offer personalized feedback and additional services beyond what the Virtual Database can provide. Due to music licensing restrictions, music-based choreography classes are only available through our Virtual LIVE classes. In addition, any recorded Virtual Live classes which are recorded have the ‘social’ portions (beginning and ending) of class removed, to feature the instructional portions of class.
What are these New Private/Semi-Private timeslots?
  • 3Sixty recognizes that certain individuals are not comfortable returning to in-person group fitness classes at this time, but will have existing/previous memberships. We are offering the unique opportunity to convert your membership to credits, to be used towards Private/Semi-Private lessons in designated timeslots at a reduced rate. Our instructors are all happy to wear masks during your Private/Semi-Private lesson.
Why have Pricing Options changed?
  • As with many small businesses, the pandemic has completely flipped our business model on its head.
  • Our operating costs have increased significantly due to the additional costs of the health and safety measures we are required to take as per the Provincial Stage 3 requirements. Significant investment was required including: additional apparatuses, COVID-19 approved surface cleaner, rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, dispensers, gloves, masks, cleaning cloths/bottles/etc and signage. All of which are necessary for our reopening, and largely at significantly inflated pricing.
  • Our revenue has also drastically been reduced while we have been closed AND will continue to be reduced as we reopen at a low capacity. Unfortunately, government assistance programs were mostly unavailable to 3Sixty.
  • The fluidity of the pandemic necessitated removing longer-term, highly-discounted, contracts, as we cannot realistically expect the situation not to change again. Short term contracts, to reflect the initial stage of reopening, are required at the present time.
What happens to my Existing Membership?
  • During Lockdown, and upon reopening with our Virtual Studio, 3Sixty Members were offered the options of 1) Continuing their existing membership , 2) Purchasing a Virtual Membership, or 3) Placing a recurring monthly Membership Hold. When we reopen initially, we will not be able to fulfill Unlimited Memberships for our in-studio offerings due to severe capacity restrictions. We will also be limiting the number of memberships sold to remain within our capacity. Our priority for reopening will be to returning students. Once again, we will be contacting Members with existing memberships to offer various options for transitions or holds. Please be patient as we contact each member individually.
What happens if I can’t use my In-Studio monthly class allotment?
  • Our reopening plan heavily incorporates Virtual learning. We understand that during these difficult times, there may be periods in which you cannot attend in-studio classes (i.e. if you are quarantined). This is a risk students must share, similar to if you had taken vacation or gotten a cold previously, those weeks would have been taken off without compensation. You are in fact in a BETTER position now, if you cannot attend in-studio, as we are offering significant Virtual resources to complement in-studio training.
What are the plans for 3Sixty’s Youth Program?
  • Unfortunately at this time we will be continuing to suspend our Youth Program. Our Youth Program relies heavily on aerial skills, and hands-on spotting is necessary for safety and instructional purposes. We look forward to reintroducing our Youth Program in the future.