Studio Policies and FAQ's

What is your cancellation/refund policy?
  • When booking each individual class, a student is committing to attend for that specific time slot. Please note that you can cancel your class reservation without penalty up to 8 hours before class time. If you cancel within the Late Cancel Window you will be charged a Late Cancel fee. If you are a "no show" for class you will be charged a No Show fee.
  • We reserve the right to cancel a class due to insufficient registrations.
  • There are no cancellation/refunds on memberships/class passes.
  • Holds on pole contracts/class passes are granted for medical reasons. A medical note must be provided to confirm the need for the hold. Holds are for a minimum of one month to a maximum of 6 months.
  • Holds on pole contracts/class passes may be granted for non-medical reasons subject to the studio’s discretion and upon payment of a $25 administration fee.
  • There are no holds on aerial memberships. Recurring monthly memberships may be cancelled at any time.
  • 3Sixty reserves the right to terminate membership agreements in its sole discretion. Within 5 business days upon such termination, 3Sixty shall repay any unused membership fees on a pro rata basis.
  • When booking a party, a $75 non-refundable, non-transferrable deposit is required.
  • The remaining balance owed is due at the time of the party, prior to the start.
  • A party may be rescheduled once with minimum 7-day notice (subject to availability).
Workshops/Youth Program/Gift Certificates/Merchandise/Other Purchases
  • All sales are final.
What is required for registration?
  • Register online, via our app, or in studio to create an account and sign up.
  • All new students and guests must sign a waiver prior to participation in classes, parties, workshops, or other events.
  • If this is your first time attending a class or event, please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start of class to fill out the necessary paperwork if you have not completed your account online.
  • Class/party balances must be paid upon arrival at the studio. We accept cash, debit, credit: Mastercard and Visa, but not American Express or cheque.
How does this Free Pole Intro Class work?
  • We would love for you come in, tour the studio, and try your first Pole Intro class FREE. At 3Sixty we welcome all ages and levels of fitness, you are sure to have a fun workout!
  • The Pole Intro class is in a group setting, depending on the number of participants who register on a given day. Our studios limit participants to 1 student per pole.
  • If you create an online account in our system (through MindBody), you can grab a complimentary 1 Free Pole Intro Class in our online store. You will be able to register for any 1 Pole Intro class of your choosing. See our schedule online to view the Pole Intro class offered each day. Then simply register for the class!
  • Too Hard? Alternatively select which class you'd like to attend from the schedule, then confirm: day, time, full name and email address via Once you arrive at the studio, you can complete the requisite paperwork in person.
What does class booking entail?
  • Classes are limited to a certain number of participants based on the class type and room. For that reason, all class reservations must be booked through our app or online (through MindBody).
  • The booking window for our classes is 14 days. This means that booking for a class is only available within that window. For example, at midnight on January 1st booking is open until January 15th.
  • Classes may be booked at first glance, but we highly encourage students to check the schedule regularly and be sure to join class wait-lists, as students move off the wait-lists quite regularly.
  • 3Sixty operates on Fall-Winter and Summer Schedules. Our Schedule Policy is such that it will remain consistent from September-June and June-August. We hope this policy will allow you to plan ahead and rely on 3Sixty to have consistent classes throughout your membership! Any changes made during these periods will only be considered based on significant demand and clear communication with all members.
Are observers allowed?
  • Pets, significant others, observers, children, etc are not permitted in the studio, only paying students.
  • Specific to parties, participants are permitted to attend as observers but all attendees, whether partaking in activities or not, count toward the total number of participants.
Is alcohol permitted?
  • Alcohol is not permitted in the studio.
  • Participants appearing to be intoxicated or under the influence will be asked to sit out for their own safety.
What do your facilities entail?
  • Our facility is 2,500 square feet, the premier pole and aerial fitness studio in the Ottawa-Gatineau region. Our facility is spacious, featuring two pole/aerial studios, a welcoming reception area, two dressing rooms and, of course, a private 3Sixty washroom.
  • Both studios feature 13 foot high ceilings, 11-13 foot poles (45 mm and 50 mm diameter), and natural lighting.
  • We are the SOLE pole/aerial facility featuring wall-to-wall floor length mirrors! Never lose a glimpse of yourself during floor work, stretching, etc. - and especially during routines and choreography.
  • Our Pink Studio features 10 poles and 5 aerial rigging points.
  • Our Blue Studio features 6 poles.
  • All pole classes limit 1 student per pole.
  • All aerial classes limit 2 students per hoop/silk.
Are photos and/or videos permitted?
  • Absolutely! Feel free to document your progress and show off your skills! You are welcome to post on social media and we would love it if you tag 3Sixty Dance & Fitness.
  • Photos/Videos may not include 3Sixty instruction, course curriculum or intellectual property. 3Sixty's Material is proprietary to 3Sixty and may not be disseminated without 3Sixty's prior written consent.
  • Photo/Videos may not include your classmates without their express consent. Please be understanding that some classmates may not be comfortable with their image being shared publicly.
  • The 3Sixty closed Facebook group is a private place for our community of students to share, discuss and uplift each other. Students may post to this private group, but not publicly, so remember that seeing posts in the group does not provide implied consent to post images of others publicly.
  • 3Sixty often shoots photos and videos of individual or class activities for both reference and promotional purposes. By participating in activities at 3Sixty, students may appear in, or in the background of, such media. 3Sixty retains exclusive rights to all media produced by 3Sixty, unless specifically stated.
What else should I know about my Party/Private Lesson?
  • We want you to have a wonderful, positive experience so please show up for your appointment on time. We often have several back-to-back bookings. Please know that each booking has a designated time slot and once that time is up, you will need to leave the studio.
  • If you arrive late to your booking, you will be missing out on your time. We are unable to delay or add time to your booking. Allow plenty of time to commute and park so you get the most out of your time. Calling to let us know you are running late does not change this policy.
  • Gratuity is a great way to show your party instructor that you had a fabulous time; however, it is not required.
  • Pictures are permitted and encouraged. Remember to tag us!
Who can attend a class?
  • At 3Sixty we welcome students of all ages, shapes, colours, sizes, genders, orientations and fitness levels.
  • Adult classes are reserved for students ages 14+.
  • Parent/guardian approval is required for participants under the age of 18.
  • Participants with health/medical concerns, including pregnancy, must contact the studio prior to registering for a class.
  • If you have any injuries (past or current), concerns or contraindications, talk to the instructor before class. This way, the instructor can recommend variations or alternatives to allow you to reap the benefits without unnecessary strain. Speak up if something doesn’t feel right.
What is your Inclusivity Policy?
  • At 3Sixty, our priority is to provide a safe, welcoming, positive community environment for every student. 3Sixty’s doors are open to all residents of Ottawa seeking a place to practice the aerials arts as a student.
  • At 3Sixty Dance & Fitness we strongly advocate a supportive, inclusive, positive and non-competitive environment. Our instructors and students create a tight-knit community where all ages, shapes, sizes, gender, and fitness levels feel welcome.
  • We do not tolerate incivility, bullying, and violence; as such acts of aggression – be they verbal or physical – are entirely unacceptable.
  • If there is ever a concern that needs extra attention, our owners are passionate about the well-being of each of our members, and are happy to hear your concerns. Your privacy and confidentiality in all matters will always be respected.
What if I’m still nervous?
  • At 3Sixty we strongly advocate a supportive, inclusive, positive and non-competitive environment. Our instructors and students create a tight-knit community where all ages, shapes, sizes, gender, orientation and fitness levels feel welcome.
  • If you are feeling shy, you can always contact us or your instructor and we will do our best to aid you one-on-one.
  • In the event that you would prefer to attend classes privately, please contact us regarding private lessons.
What should I wear/bring when I attend a class?
  • Leave all jewelry, rings, watches, etc. at home. These items can gouge your skin as well as cause damage to our equipment and the item itself.
  • Avoid hand and body oils/lotions on the day of class as they can affect your grip.
  • Bring your own water bottle.
  • Excluding “dress up” week, students should dress in fitness attire. For pole fitness classes we recommend shorts and a tank top, however, in upper levels you may prefer more skin available to grip in those harder moves. For aerial classes, we recommend calf or ankle length leggings and a shirt that covers your underarms. For specialty classes, you may wish to have additional items such as knee pads, leg warmers, heels, etc.
What is Dress Up week?
  • “Dress Up” weeks are scheduled throughout the year and offer a unique opportunity to have fun with themed or sexy attire, pole heels (indoor shoes only!) and other accessories.
  • Participation is optional; students can always attend classes in their regular fitness attire. These events are all in fun and meant to inspire community within our studio family.
What should I expect when I attend a class?
  • All instructor-led classes start with a warm-up specifically designed to condition your body, followed by moves/tricks/transitions/routines as per the course material, finishing with a stretching routine.
  • The warm-ups and exercises in each class/level are designed to build your strength and flexibility to attain the moves you are so eager to learn.
  • Students arriving after the warm-up is underway may be asked to warm up separately on the side. This is both for your safety and to minimize disruption to the other participants.
  • While first attempting any climbing or inversions, an instructor must be present to spot you.
  • Classes are 55 minutes in length. Please use the final five minutes of the hour to gather your belongings and allow a smooth transition to the next class.
How long does a Pole Fitness level last?
  • Our classes do not run on a set schedule (i.e. 6 or 8 weeks) where you attend a specific locked in class. Our classes are open to all members, and as a member, you can attend as many or as few classes in a week of the level you are at. This allows you to work around your own schedule and goals!
  • How fast you progress is up to you! You may decide to attend multiple classes in a week to maximize your membership and progression (such as multiple Pole Intro classes, as well as specialty classes) or you may wish to attend sporadically for fun using a drop-in pass. You can go at your own speed.
What if I think I’m ready for the next Pole Fitness level?
  • If you think you are ready to move up a level please consult with your instructor. We require an instructor recommendation for all level changes.
  • Keep in mind that you are always welcome to continue attending classes of lower levels than you are training. For instance, if you move up to an intermediate level to challenge yourself, you can still attend beginner level classes to perfect those moves on both sides!
What is the Inclement Weather Policy?
  • During winter months, classes may be cancelled in cases of Anticipated Daytime Accumulation of 10+ cm SNOW or 5+ mm ICE.
  • Class cancellations are announced PRIOR to the Late Cancel Window (a minimum of 8 hours prior to class), via our MindBody booking system, as well as on social media pages.
  • If classes are cancelled due to Inclement Weather, make-up classes will be scheduled for any series/workshops. Memberships are unaffected.