New Ownership Announcement - 3Sixty Dance & Fitness
2018 Class Schedule and Policy
December 14, 2017

New Ownership Announcement

New Owner - Tina Stone

I am excited to announce that 3Sixty Dance and Fitness is under new ownership! Effective immediately, I, Tina Stone, a longtime instructor, choreographer and program developer with 3Sixty will be at the helm.
I would like to assure all of our dedicated past, present and future clients that there is no affect to existing or purchased memberships, passes, etc. Additionally, there are no immediate planned changes that will affect the services or products we offer at 3Sixty. However, upcoming in early 2018, you can look forward to exciting program updates designed specifically for each class, including:
That is just the start! I want to assure you that our team at 3Sixty; myself and our instructors who you have known for years, are motivated to deliver excellence to you, our valuable clients. You will see 3Sixty lead by innovation and expertise, demonstrated through consistency and communication. I am looking forward to talking to each of you at the studio, or hearing from you by email. If there are any pressing concerns you would like to submit, including anonymously, please feel open to using our NEW virtual suggestion box:
3Sixty Dance & Fitness has had a wonderful history of leading clients through an empowered fitness journey. I am thrilled to be guiding it forward and want to thank our founder, Corinne, for all her work over the past 9 years.


Tina Stone

Owner - 3Sixty Dance & Fitness

A Note from our Founder

I would like to say thank you to all the students for joining the 3Sixty community. You are the heart of 3Sixty. Together with the instructors and front desk staff we have created this beautiful community that many of you think of as a second home. I am so happy that so many of you feel this way. It is a priceless reward for starting 3Sixty. It has been a great journey and while my time as the owner has come to an end, I am happy to have Tina take over and I know that she will make 3Sixty even more beautiful! I will still be around as an instructor, so this is not good-bye, but just a shift. Here’s to new beginnings! Much love to all of you!

Corinne Brodthagen

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