Beginner Classes

Pole Intro

An introduction to pole dancing! There will be a 10-15 minute warm up on the floor to build strength, flexibility, and learn some sexy floor moves such as "Rising Goddess", and "The Flirt!" Then we will head to the poles for a mini routine of basic moves, transitions, floor work, and spins, such as the "Fireman," "Sunwheel," "Back hook," and many more! Eventually building up to sitting and standing on the pole!

Spin Pole Beginner

This Specialty Pole class is entirely on spinning pole and will challenge you by trying beginner moves from Pole Intro and Beginner levels on a spinning pole, plus a few new tricks that are specific to spinning pole such as Vomitron.

Pole Beginner 101

Floor work will intensify to further increase your strength and flexibility. You will learn more challenging spins including the Diamond, Spinning Eagle, Corkscrew, and Crouching Tiger. As well as Basic Invert, combination spins, and one arm spins using spins from Pole Intro. Every class works on building a full routine to put it all together. Shorts are a must have for this level.

Pole Beginner 102

This class features a more challenging warm up and tricks. Spins include combinations of moves from Pole Intro and Pole Beginner 101. New spins include Spiral, Rockstar, and Crouching Tiger variations. Tricks include Wrist Seat, Lay Back, Hang Back, Inverted V, Scorpio, Gemini, Elbow stands, and more! Every class works on building a full length routine to put it all together.

Pole Beginner 101/102

This split level class offers students options for each move to both Beginner 101 and 102 level students. Push yourself to master moves from your level while being exposed to new moves from a higher level or having a chance to perfect the moves from your previous level. This class is perfect for students pushing themselves to progress their pole tricks. Split level classes do not work on routines.