Advanced Classes

Pre-Advanced Tricks

You must have a solid Superman, Shoulder Mount, and Climbing Caterpillar for this class, as there are many Superman combinations, and Shoulder Mount variations, including Reverse Shoulder Mount. You will also learn handsprings, elbow grips - Ayesha and Straight Edge. Other moves include Allegra, Brass Monkey, Birdsnest, Dangerous, Sad Girl Drop, Secretary and many more!

Advanced level classes do not work on routines, join us in Pole Performance for a dedicated cardio-busting choreography class!

Advanced Tricks

You must have Handspring, Ayesha, Brass Monkey, Jade, Cupid, and Allegra for this class. This class will have you working on Iron X, Aerial Handsprings, and Phoenix as well as, Pegasus Split, Titanic, Chopsticks, Janerio, Russian Split, Dragons Tail, Marion Amber, Flying K, Fonji and many more tricks. Advanced level classes have a focus on difficult combinations, grip switches and drops!

Pole Pre-Adv./Advanced

This split level class offers students options for each move to both Pre-Advanced and Advanced level students. Push yourself to master moves from your level while being exposed to new moves from a higher level or having a chance to perfect the moves from your previous level. This class is perfect for students pushing themselves to progress their pole tricks.

Pole Performance

This Specialty Pole class is for anyone Pole Levels Pre-Advanced or higher as you must be comfortable trying more complex combinations and transitions. A different full length (3 to 5 minute) routine will be featured each month. Routines will vary in styles such as: rock, pop, slow and alternative and utilize spinning and static poles. Practice different ways to put together the tricks you have been developing and experiment in styles to inspire you!

Gymnasti-Pole - Levels Int.+

This class focuses on the gymnastic element of pole, designed to help you learn foundation moves from the gymnastic world. Moves include progressions for: chest stands, elbow stands, somersaults, handstands, and bridges. Using the pole these basic moves build to handsprings, cartwheels, walkovers and flips! This class is for levels INTERMEDIATE or higher as you must be comfortable with inversions. Not comfortable yet upside down? Also try our Acrobatics class!