2018 Class Schedule and Policy - 3Sixty Dance & Fitness
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December 3, 2017
Winter/Spring Youth Classes
December 29, 2017

2018 Class Schedule and Policy

2018 Class Schedule and Policy

In this update:
  • NEW 2018 Winter-Spring schedule
  • NEW schedule policy
  • Class RENAMING
  • NEW class descriptions
  • Holiday reminders
THANK YOU! to all our clients who have used the SUGGESTION BOX! Has one of your suggestions been implemented so far?


2018 Winter-Spring Class schedule is here!

Schedule Policy
Highly requested through the Suggestion Box, we will be implementing a fixed annual schedule! Under this policy, you can expect the schedule to remain consistent from September through June, with a revised Summer schedule between June and August. We hope this policy will allow you to plan ahead and rely on 3Sixty to have consistent classes throughout your membership! Any changes made during these periods will only be considered based on significant demand and clear communication with all members.

At 3Sixty Dance and Fitness we are proud to offer a variety of classes beyond basic pole levels, as part of your membership. These include: Pole Beginner Spin, Pole Intermediate Spin, Gymnasti-Pole, Pole Transitions & Flow, Pole Performance, Pole Jam and Pole Sexy. As such, our old 1-10 leveling names are in need of refreshing!
To reflect this and moving forward in 2018, our level classes have been RENAMED. This does NOT affect your pole progression! A basic comparison is listed below.
  • INTRO (formerly 1)
  • BEGINNER 101 (formerly 2/3)
  • BEGINNER 102 (formerly 4/5)
  • INTERMEDIATE 201 (formerly 6/7)
  • INTERMEDIATE 202 (formerly 8/9)
  • PRE-ADVANCED (formerly 10/pre-advanced)
  • ADVANCED (formerly advanced)
We have prepared a progression poster to help you find exactly the class for you! Click the image below to see a larger version, or check out the poster in the studio.

3Sixty Pole Progression Poster_small

NEW Class Descriptions

Pole Performance
Pole Performance is a class for anyone Pole Levels Pre-Advanced or higher. A different full length (3 to 5 minute) routine will be featured each month. Routines will vary in styles such as: rock, pop, slow and alternative and utilize spinning and static poles. Practice different ways to put together the tricks you have been developing and experiment in styles to inspire you!

Pole Transitions and Flow
Sometimes our feet have to touch the floor! This ALL LEVELS class develops your dancing expression, fluidity, technique and timing, challenging you in a variety of styles. Combinations will focus on dance movement and floor work. Variations on spins and tricks will help you personalize each combination to your skill level.

Holiday Reminders


Holiday Social
Celebrate 2017 and our pole family! All current and past students welcome to play/perform. Saturday Dec. 16th, 12pm to 2pm. Optional potluck and dress up.

Dress Up Week
Holiday dress up is NEXT WEEK, December 17 to 24th. Bring on those dress up outfits and heels all week long!

Holiday Closure
3Sixty is CLOSED from December 25 to January 1 (inclusive). We hope you enjoy time with loved ones over the break and we'll see you in 2018!

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